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Stunning Bathroom Retreats - A Transformation of Beauty and Relaxation


The Stunning Bathroom Projects have elevated two functional but lackluster bathrooms into havens of beauty and relaxation. Formerly practical spaces, these bathrooms now exude charm and tranquility, providing delightful retreats for rejuvenation.

In the primary bathroom, a distinctive herringbone pattern floor tile in a rich dark grey, complemented by light grout, grounds the space with a touch of sophistication. The new vanity, adorned with white cabinets and accented by black hardware, not only provides ample storage but also adds a modern aesthetic to the room. Marble-patterned countertops with large undermount sinks further elevate the space, creating a sense of luxury.

Two large mirrors framed in black bring a cohesive look to the room, reflecting the tasteful design choices. Overhead, two vanity lights not only contribute to the room's uniformity but also add functionality and brightness. The oversized shower stall, featuring glass sides and doors, imparts an airy feel, allowing users to appreciate the beauty of the accent tile wall along the back. This accent feature mirrors the herringbone pattern on the floor, creating visual continuity.

Down the hall, the secondary bathroom underwent a refresh as well, featuring marble-inspired flooring, a white vanity, and an upgraded countertop. A subtle backsplash, thoughtfully placed just above the countertop, adds a touch of elegance. This same backsplash wraps around the top of the tub surround, providing visual interest and creating a harmonious flow.

The Stunning Bathroom Retreats project showcases a meticulous blend of functionality and beauty, transforming these spaces into serene havens where daily routines become moments of relaxation and indulgence.

Stunning Master Bath in Sussex



Sussex, WI


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