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Kind Words

At Interior Motives, our relentless commitment is to realize our clients' design aspirations while delivering exceptional service. Gratitude fills us as we receive positive feedback, comments, and praise from numerous homeowners and business owners. Diligently, we labor to ensure that every project we undertake meets our elevated standards for quality and design. Our clients' satisfaction takes precedence, and we take pride in the enduring relationships we've built with many of them.


Despite desperately needing it, even just THINKING about remodeling our second floor gave me anxiety.  Who do I hire?  What is my style, I mean, I like EVERYTHING I see on HGTV?  What if I pick the wrong materials?  What if “this” doesn’t go with “that”?   What if I regret spending ALL THAT MONEY?!
And then I met Nicole Jackson.  Anxiety be-gone.  

I studied so many designs on the internet and sent gobs of images to Nicole.  She got a feel for what I liked (it really wasn’t EVERYTHING) and guided me through final selections of materials.  Nicole got to know me too so when I was a little nervous about choosing a less-than-boring quartz, she said, “Have fun with it!”  And again, she was right.  Every day I look at our quartz countertop, I smile.  I love it.  
Nicole is trustworthy, FUNNY, dependable, and KNOWS DESIGN. She’s a great counselor when you’re stuck on making decisions.  When we remodel our kitchen and dining room, she will be by my side again.
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