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Tranquil Elegance by the Waterside


This lakefront home stands as a majestic testament to serene lakeside living, artfully blending modern comforts with the captivating beauty of the surrounding open waters. Designed as a complete home renovation, this home maximizes its location by harmoniously merging breathtaking views with a clean, inviting interior.

White cabinetry adorns the space, creating an open and luminous atmosphere that reflects the natural light, further enhancing the airy ambiance. A central island, finished in a contrasting gray-blue hue, echoes the tranquil tones of the nearby waters, seamlessly integrating the serenity of the lake into the heart of the home. Wide wood-plank flooring unifies the space, creating a seamless flow throughout the residence.

While whites dominate the main color scheme, the design incorporates intrigue through subtly textured tilework. These tiles and stone work adorn the backsplashes, shower surrounds, and fireplace, adding an element of modernity to the classic design and contributing to the overall clean and bright aesthetic.

The furniture selection mirrors nature's textures, featuring stone tabletops accented with metal, supple leather, durable linen-like fabrics, and sleek glass elements.

Smartly integrated built-in bookcases leverage interesting ceiling angles, optimizing storage while lending a distinctive charm to the rooms. Every corner of the house exudes warmth and life with the addition of green plants, seamlessly bringing the outdoors inside and infusing vitality into the living spaces.

This haven of tranquility embodies simplicity without compromising on style or comfort. This lakefront home is a sanctuary where the family can revel in the serene beauty of lakeside living while enjoying the comfort and elegance of a thoughtfully designed modern dwelling.

Silver Lake Renovation



Lake Country, WI


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