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Nature's Elegance and Pet-Friendly Comfort


The Rustic Lake Home is designed to be a harmonious blend of nature-inspired elegance and practical comfort, creating a space that exudes warmth, functionality, and pet-friendly charm.

A centerpiece of this renovation is the floor-to-ceiling natural stone fireplace, seamlessly complemented by expansive full wall windows that invite the outdoors in, bathing the room in natural light. This captivating focal point establishes a connection between the interior and the natural world outside. Bringing the essence of the beautiful surroundings indoors, indoor plants breathe life into the space, infusing freshness and a natural ambiance. Natural textures, incorporated into practical elements like a storage ottoman, further accentuate the room's connection to the outdoors.

To accommodate the adorable family dogs, the space was thoughtfully designed to be pet-friendly. A comfortable sectional upholstered in a sturdy and forgiving fabric with subtle patterns, ensures durability while seamlessly camouflaging life's little accidents.

A large patterned rug anchors the room, providing a plush surface atop the wood plank floors, creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

The design incorporates a large driftwood mirror centered above the fireplace mantle, reflecting light and creating an illusion of added space, further enhancing the room's openness.

The Rustic Lake Home masterfully balances sophistication and practicality, creating a space that not only radiates natural elegance but also caters to the comfort and needs of both its human and furry occupants.

Rustic Lake Home



Lake Country, WI


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