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Timeless Elegance in White and Sage Green


The Beautiful Brookfield Kitchen project unfolds as a tale of transformation, turning a once brown wood oak space into a bright and inviting culinary haven with a refreshing white palette accented by soothing sage green tones.

A key aspect of this project is the strategic maximization of space, achieved through thoughtful updates and additions. The kitchen boasts a full-wall storage system, cleverly incorporating a beverage counter above a wine fridge, ensuring both functionality and a touch of sophistication.

The long central island takes center stage, painted in a delightful sage green that adds a burst of color and personality to the room. Ample seating around the island transforms the cooking space into a social hub, where friends and family can gather, bringing the party to the heart of the home.

Beautiful glass pendant lights suspended above the island illuminate the space with a gentle glow, contributing to the room's overall brightness without adding visual weight. The end of the island is adorned with a built-in microwave, a practical design choice that optimizes counter space.

The kitchen's functionality is further enhanced by a meticulously designed built-in pantry system, ensuring that baking and cooking supplies are organized and easily accessible. The traditional subway tile used for the backsplash brings a timeless and clean aesthetic, offering both practicality and enduring charm to the updated space.

The Beautiful Brookfield Kitchen seamlessly marries elegance with functionality, creating a space that is not only visually stunning but also tailored to the needs of a modern, dynamic lifestyle. This culinary haven reflects a perfect blend of timeless design and thoughtful innovation.

Beautiful Brookfield Kitchen



Brookfield, WI


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